kitchen makeover fail

kitchen makeover fail
after building what i thought was my wifes dream kitchen i found that she really didnt want it at all! she was on vacation for a week while i completely built this kitchen!60 thousand dollars later and she hates it!

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People people people! This video is a prank we made 3 years ago at a vacation rental! This video sat dormant for 2 1/2 years before True TV aired it on on of their shows last fall! Until 3 days ago it was at 8000 views for that 3 years it’s been in existence! Now all of a sudden it goes viral and we are bad people? Give me a break! For those of you who get what we did here ,I applaud you! For those who just don’t get it…I don’t think you would even if explained to you!.
If you ever get a chance to come to Cedar Point or Ohio, Look into this house called Rock Of Ages! It is a beautiful historic home on the shores of Lake Erie. 13 bedrooms and 11 baths, it has room for a big group! The kitchen was built to entertain! That’s why you see 2 of everything. My wife actually does love the kitchen and wishes we could afford 1 of everything let alone 2 of everything! Enjoy the video for what it was for! Entertainment! Nothing more,nothing less! Don’t get all bent out of shape over silly shit! Life’s to short for that! Have a good day!


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