Kitchen Remodel Part 1: Flooring

Kitchen Remodel Part 1: Flooring
This is part one in a series remodeling my kitchen. My original laminate flooring was beginning to look rough and I didn’t like the color when I bought the house. The new flooring is a vinyl plank flooring which should be more durable and hold up better to the moisture experienced in a kitchen.

Later on in part two I will be building shaker style doors to replace the existing cabinet doors. The doors and cabinet boxes will also be painted a lighter gray color. This may take some time, since I have to build 30 some odd doors, so I wouldn’t expect the next video in this series for a few months.

Flooring I used was Shaw Acropolic Athena Acacia:

If you have read this far, thank you, I am still getting the hang of editing and pace of these videos. I don’t want them too be too short and I don’t want to get bogged down with details and be too long. Other YouTubers can do a much better job explaining things than I can. I will try to make some more 3d printing videos as projects come up.


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