Kitchen Remodeling

Kitchen Remodeling – Kitchen Remodeling Insulators Home Exteriors. Remodeling a kitchen or bath is something you only do once. With our FREE kitchen design services we can show you what your dream kitchen design is going to look like before we ever start your remodeling project.

Below is an outline of our process for kitchen and bath design and a look at a recent before photo with the new design.
Insulators Home Exteriors Kitchen Design Process:

The design process for kitchen remodeling starts with taking measurements of your existing kitchen and any other space that we might be expanding or changing.

We then discuss what you like about your current kitchen and what you would like in the new kitchen design of your dreams.

Then we discuss with you your choices of cabinet door styles, wood species (maple, oak, cherry, etc.), the style of the door, flooring, appliances, type of materials you want as counter tops and your choice of back splash.

At this point we will create a FREE estimate for your dream kitchen.
If we are in the ballpark of where you want to be, we will move forward with our kitchen design.

We then take your measurements and information and input that information into our kitchen design computer program.

We then meet again and share with you your dream kitchen design.

At that time we make any appropriate changes to the design.

Now it’s time to get started creating the kitchen of your dreams.

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