kitchen remodeling at residence les coralies, haiti

kitchen remodeling at residence les coralies, haiti
this video shows the first kitchen we have made ourselves. 2 months of work in 37 mins

this kitchen has been proudly fabricated in haiti by hand

it is composed out of 2 types precious woods for the base. (brazilian oak for the front, and cedar plywood for the inside)
it features a clear “doucco” finish. this is applied much like automotive paint

the counter top is made out of a cement over mdf overlay. this overlay is then casted in epoxy.

some features incorporated in this kitchen currently not offered on the haitian market
1-the kitchen lifts. these nylon lifts, lift up the entire kitchen off the ground by 1inch
2- polyurethane waterproofing of the wood for protection
3-2 inch 2 axes seals for waterproofing protection where the countertop meets the wall

advantages of using this technique
2-if ever counter top is scratched if can be reworked to new
3-waterproofing inside and outside of the wood means that your very protected against water damage
4-in the event of a water leak or small flood the kitchen has been engineered in a way for the water to pass under and out of the kitchen, even if the leak comes from the sinks piping inside the cabinets
5-the doucco finish gives a very smooth texture on the wood

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