Kitchen Remodeling Part 3 – Getting Ready for Renovation

Kitchen Remodeling Part 3 – Getting Ready for Renovation
Learn what to expect during your kitchen renovations and prepare for the remodel with these tips. To begin, set up a temporary kitchen to fix meals in location with easy access to water, electricity and storage. Cook in a microwave, on a hot plate or in a toaster oven. You can also cook outdoors on the grill.

Empty out the old kitchen, but keep it organized in clear plastic storage containers with labels. Purge old utensils and food you don’t need. Keep dust from demolition at bay by covering furniture in adjacent rooms, putting down floor runners in high traffic areas, covering nearby air intake vents, and change your furnace filter before and after remodeling.

You must be home to sign for the delivery of your cabinets. Before installation, the Lowe’s installer will inspect the new cabinets and remove the old cabinets. You can use your old cabinets in your garage or basement, or the installers can disposes of them, for a fee. Kitchen remodeling can be full of surprises. It’s important for installers to have an easy way to reach you throughout the process, to get authorization for any changes that will affect the budget.

Once the cabinets are in place, you can order the countertops. Countertops cannot be ordered before the kitchen cabinets are installed. After the countertops, you can add appliances, plumbing fixtures, and finish electrical work. To find all the products you’ll need for your kitchen remodel, visit

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