Kitchen Remodeling Trends DirectBuy of Indianapolis

Kitchen Remodeling Trends DirectBuy of Indianapolis

Holly, from DirectBuy of Indianapolis shares the current trends for kitchens.

Holly is an experienced kitchen designer with DirectBuy of Indianapolis with over 1,000 kitchens designed since 2006.

Holly shares 3 topics with this Google Hangout; color, style and accessories.

Colors for home decor comes from the fashion designs. The colors that you currently see on the runways will become the colors of home decor in 2-3 years.

In kitchen cabinetry one can choose between paint and stain. The paint sits on the wood for the color and stain has a see through that shows the natural grain of the wood.

Colors that are currently trending: shades of white, shades of grey – which is the new neutral, espresso and dark brown stains with a grey undertone.

Current trends in style include a comfortable, relaxed, casual style that is very functional.

These kitchen trends would include larger crown molding, this will maximize the larger heights that kitchens have. Bring the cabinets to the ceiling with taller cabinets or stacked cabinets. With the open kitchen designs there is less wall space for cabinets therefore these cabinets will use the space more wisely.

Clean lines in door styles, like a shaker mission, clean and casual look.

Accessories accommodate the trending families. Charging stations are a great place to put those tablets, smart phones, lab tops as a convenient clean place to store and charge these items. Deep drawers make it easy to store bowls and plates that use to stack in the wall cabinets to bring them lower and to accommodate the open kitchen cabinets. Double trash pull outs offer a great place to hide the trash can and make it easy to recycle. Drawer microwaves, the tilted face of the controls make it easy, convenient larger sizes and easier to put dishes into the drawer than to pull out of an over the head microwave.

Indianapolis DirectBuy offers great savings on mid to high quality products for flooring, bathroom, remodeling projects for the whole house. For more information contact DirectBuy of Indianapolis at (317)472-9817.

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