Sensational Kitchen Remodeling on Plum Island

Sensational Kitchen Remodeling on Plum Island

We were amazed at the results of this project on Plum Island and you will be too! Opening up the kitchen to incorporate the living room gave the first level a whole new look that is sunny, bright and most importantly, open so that the family can gather and enjoy their sea side retreat. This remodeling project was all about creating a space where the family could come together and spend quality time together: rain or shine.

We added a full bath with a custom tile shower, a composite decking system, and all new flooring on the first level. The entire first level received new insulation to code, which included spray foam in the floor joists. I will say the color palette seemed “bright” at first, but once the finish pieces were installed, the project came together with amazing results that we’re proud to have worked on.

The massive kitchen island has a custom quartz counter top (all the runs are quartz too) and it has a sleek cook top and affords seating for six without bumping elbows. Stainless appliances and glass tile backsplash add to the brightness of this kitchen remodel that is open to the living room. There is ample room in this kitchen for cooking up a traditional New England lobster dinner or making a jigsaw puzzle on a rainy day.

The homeowner chose two finishes for the cabinets: white on the runs and slate-grey for the island. Mixing cabinet finishes has become trendy and in this project it really made a statement.

Storage is not an issue in this remodeled kitchen: a small pantry has storage for all the big footprint kitchen items, like the stand mixer and the big kettle for cooking up lobsters.

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