The $300 Dollar Kitchen Makeover

The 0 Dollar Kitchen Makeover
I wanted a new kitchen but was on a very limited budget since I was unemployed. Having watched what seemed like hundreds of hours of the DIY channel and in particular the show “Sweat Equity” with amy matthews I felt compelled to act. The state of my kitchen was that it was at least 20 years since the last remodel and had no value. I figured how bad can I mess it up, the worst thing that could happen was to have it done professionally later. Thus began one of the most satisfying projects I have done in a long time. I want to share it with you and maybe you can learn from it and even improve upon my mistakes.

My advice: Borrow, rent or buy and return your tools to keep the cost down. ๐Ÿ™‚
-Tape Measure
-Safety Glasses
-Carbide Tipped Scoring Tool
-Circular Saw
-Drill with Screwdriver Bits
-Notched Trowel
-Rubber Padded Grout Float
-Tile Saw
-Paint Brush

-24 sq ft of 12×12 Absolute Black Granite Tiles
-3/4″ Plywood
-Trim Pieces
-1/2″ Cement Backer Board
-Deck Screws
-Masking Tape
-Thin-set Mortar
-Un-sanded Grout
-Grout Sealer
-Door Handle Pulls
-Plumbers Putty

sink that was pull from a new home that wanted stainless steel 50
home depot clearance faucet 50
plywood base free
nickels pulls bulk packs on sale at home depot 20×2 = 40
galaxy black granite tiles on sale home depot 5 boxes of 5 tiles at 4 bucks s square on sale = 100
unsanded grout 8
bag of tile mortar 15
edgeing 2x = 24
kills 1.5 gallon at 17 a gallon 25
cabinet restore 2 quarts just did the door and facing part of cabinet 2×15 = 30
deck screws already had them
masking tape already had
plumbers putty already had
backer board roughly 10

Total 2

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